I’m Catherine Millar and I was in exactly that position. I’ve been a teacher and school leader since 2001 and have taught in inner-city schools in Glasgow, leafy-lane rural schools in North Yorkshire and on Europe’s largest army garrison. I’ve been a school governor (both as a parent and as an expert educator) and now help schools raise attainment the best way possible – through promoting a love of reading.

As a teacher, we'd had repeated Requires Improvement judgements and were struggling to close the gap. We’d tried every intervention going and were all working incredibly hard getting nowhere. I did what good educators do – I turned to the research. What I found transformed my teaching, pupils’ outcomes and all of our stress levels, all for the better. 

Catherine Millar

So what did I find? 

    • Reading for pleasure is THE key indicator when it comes to raising attainment.
    • Teaching reading comprehension strategies can boost children’s learning by an additional 6 months.
    • Reading has more impact on a child than their parents’ educational levels – a child whose parents left school at 16 will do better than a child whose parents went to university IF THEY HAVE A DESIRE TO READ.

Come & join my library where you will find a wealth of resources to help promote a love of reading in your school. 

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