Work with me

This research-led and evidence-based programme offers:
    • A year's worth of bespoke support
    • Introduction and audit meeting, including a deep dive into your reading for pleasure culture
    • Personalised action plan
    • Development meetings (including an afternoon's training for Y5/6 'Reader Leaders')
    • Bespoke staff training 
    • Resource documents and templates
    • Access to video training modules
    • In -person support and unlimited email and phone contact
Reading for Pleasure


"A huge thank you for Friday, Catherine - you were absolutely superb! Your talk in the morning was inspirational as was the fantastic workshop you did the afternoon - the teachers went away encouraged and confident armed with lots of amazing suggestions, ideas and tips to put into practice. You were also fab on the panel at the end of the day. Thank you so much."

Margaret Holborn, Head of the Guardian Education Centre

"Thank you Catherine this is excellent! I'm really excited about the things planned - I absolutely love the library idea and the Reading Council!"

Lead Teacher

"A strong focus on teaching reading … has enabled the school to move very quickly from requiring improvement to good."

"Boys and girls read voraciously. They borrow books from the class, school and town libraries, vying with each other as to who can read the most or in the strangest places!"

Ofsted, 2014

"Staff have high expectations of what pupils can achieve. They make sure pupils do well in reading, writing and mathematics. Leaders constantly strive to improve the school. They have recently acted to make the teaching of phonics and reading even better."

"Teaching in reading and mathematics is well planned. This helps all pupils achieve well in these subjects. Yet leaders are not complacent. Their review of the teaching of reading found the need for further development. Leaders have raised the profile of reading so that pupils develop a love of reading. Classrooms have attractive reading areas. Pupils across school listen with interest and enjoyment during daily story times."

"Pupil reading leaders and playground buddies know about their important roles in school."

Ofsted, 2019


Come & join my library where you will find a wealth of resources to help promote a love of reading in your school.